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Pause and Reflect

This season, instead of adhering to the conventional forms of fashion, we want to take a moment to pause and reflect. To release the external pressures and take the time to observe our processes, direction and how we are feeling.


In our personal time as 431-88 we embarked on a journey to align our inner and outer worlds, drawing from the insights gained through introspection. We have made a conscious decision to forgo the release of a new collection this season and instead allow ideas to unfold naturally into this event, nurturing them as they take their own course. This organic approach allows us to share our evolution with you.

Space 1

The Hallway

Amongst a lineup of garments standing stoically in the realm of tranquillity, we adhere to white, a hue synonymous with peace and serenity to throw a light on the form and silhouette. We focus on contours and the lines in their simplicity. Here lined up are the key designs that have been forming the brand. 

Sculptures I

The Thaan

We use this fabric for the garments to test all our  draped saris. Because it’s white it’s easier for me to see if I like it or don’t like it. 

The Photo Op

I often use suiting fabrics for tailored garments. I like the weight it gives to the form and it’s almost after 10 years that I actually started using suiting fabrics for what they are meant for: suits.

The Fringe

The fringe is one of our key signatures and one that helped the brand gain popularity. I wanted to use it for its movement and how it elevates a basic garment. (Seen here is how the fringe is stored).

Space 2

The Bonsai Nursery

A little known tranquil oasis in Delhi where fabric sculptures stand tall amidst the miniature majesty of Bonsai trees. This serene sanctuary evokes a sense of harmony and contemplation. Our fabric sculptures, inspired by the contours of the natural forms in the nursery, invite you to explore the nuances of our materiality.

Sculptures II

The Wishing Tree

Embroideries are my weak point. So whenever I do end up doing embroidery I’m so bad at it, I almost wish it works out.

The 'Negative'

Why do we take ourselves so seriously. OMG.

The Adda

I love the fact that the adda is almost like a social community. 4-6 artisans sit around the same structure and work together. 

Space 3

What Kind Of Water Are You?

Enter the third room and find yourself enveloped in a space for introspection. We propose a question as you enter and amidst a water body invite you to simply be and allow yourself to inhabit the space fully. A process that has been integral to the inner workings of the brand. 

What Kind of Water Are You?

The “Pond” trait embodies a serene tranquility, akin to a peaceful oasis. Still, calm, and quietly observant, it exudes an aura of serenity, offering solace and depth in its tranquil waters.

The “River” trait flows with an elegant determination, effortlessly blending with the currents of life. Driven and motivated, yet exquisitely flexible, it navigates challenges with ease, embodying a harmonious balance between purposeful direction and graceful adaptability.

The “Ocean” trait epitomizes strength, steadfastness, and majesty. Unchanging yet dependable, it provides a stable foundation amid life’s ebbs and flows, radiating an aura of calm assurance and timeless elegance.

The “Waterfall” trait exudes youthful vigor and spontaneity, embodying an energetic spirit always on the go. Fearless and impulsive, it cascades with exuberance, daring to embrace life’s adventures with unbridled enthusiasm and vitality.

Installation & Creative Direction

How Are You Feeling Studio

Communication & Identity



Akshay Sharma

Publicity Partners

Beam And Words

Location Partners

Gaurav and Reshma Punj


Saurabh Suryan