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Introducing 24-7, a collection that spans the entire day and shows how you can wear 431-88 from morning to evening to night. The clothes feel like second skin in fabrics that look and feel like liquid on your skin. Vegan leather and slinky jerseys come together in a colour palette of greys, golds and our signature pinks. Adding to our repertoire of pre-draped saris, we are introducing 3 new drapes: The Cape Sari, The 4 way Sari (which also functions as a dress) and the Annie Sari. The focus is celebratory but not limited to the traditional rules. We are talking about how a suit pant can be a go-to for a day event, how a cropped blazer is acceptable as a blouse on its own, and how we can take tone down a sari with just a white t-shirt.

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Bottoms Up is an edit of our classic Black Pants that we have developed over the years at 431- 88. These bestsellers are tailored in crush-free fabrics that go from day to night and are easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe. If you are looking for pieces to invest in, these timeless styles, are what we would recommend. Bottoms Up is available worldwide online and in select stores across the country.

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Perfectly situated in cities and far flung destinations Twelve is geared towards journeys and the spirit of bring on the road. Stripped off arduous forms and extraneous details, the pieces in the collection nod towards structure, utility and a borrowed-from-the-boys’ aesthete that’s softened to feel more feminine. Sticking to a more reserved colour palette you’ll find olives, navy, mustard and khaki take centre stage with just a few electric jolts of red, orange and gold thrown into the mix. And somewhere along the sombre hues, flowing folds of silk and breezy cottons you’ll also find technicolour bursts of embroidery inspired by the psychedelic sea life of the Great Barrier Reef. Championing simplicity, honesty and a certain innocence, the collection perfectly encapsulates a life on-the-move and lived through a travellers’s lens, reminding us to slow down and take a moment one minute and jolting us into action the next.

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This fall we take you on an unhurried journey in pursuit of a timeless African adventure. Taking inspiration from our travels to Masai Mara, we root ourselves in the present moment and take in the simpler pleasures of just being. Perfectly suited to cities and far-flung destinations, this collection is geared towards journeys and the spirit of being on the road - individualistic pieces that come together to tell a story about modern women, their lives and travels. Collection 14 combines all of 431-88's signature elements. Focusing on strong and structured shoulders juxtaposed with flattering drapes, bold embroidery by both hand and machine, and utility. The palette sees sober colours like Chocolate, Black and Olive Green with dynamic hues of Fuschia, Electric Blue and Mustard-Mango in the mix. The clothes come with a refined ease that epitomises easy sophistication and playful silhouettes. 431-88 is all about never trying too hard but always managing to make a statement.

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Denim Edit

Denim is the must-have fabric to wear. Denim Edit offers a variety of stylish and comfortable denim shirts that look great with any outfit. From classic indigo to distressed and faded black, our denim shirts are crafted using the finest fabrics and made with meticulous attention to detail. With multiple styles and fits available, you can find the perfect denim shirt to fit your unique aesthetic. Whether you're looking for something timeless or a more modern look, our denim shirts make the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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Pause & Reflect

Pause & Reflect collection - where we've created a range of luxurious silk shirts and skirts that exude class and sophistication. Our collection features an array of statement pieces, including our hand-embroidered tassel, bead, and sequin shirts, which will elevate any outfit to the next level. Our front tie knot styled shirts pair perfectly with our draped skirts, which can be worn in three different ways, making it easy to create a range of versatile looks. Our collection is all about the essentials, ensuring that you'll always have a go-to piece for any occasion. From the office to an evening out, our Pause & Reflect collection has you covered with sophisticated style that's second to none. Fitting all body types.

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Fringe Edit

Fringe Edit, a must-have for anyone seeking to add an element of playful sophistication to their wardrobe. This collection features a range of fringed pieces, from blouses to jackets, all available in bold and neutral colors. Each item in our Fringe Edit is thoughtfully designed to add a unique touch to your wardrobe, while remaining versatile enough to be worn with ease. It is particularly stunning when paired with our pre-draped sari, creating an alluring fusion. Whether you're looking to make a statement at a special occasion or add some flair to your everyday style, our Fringe Edit is for you.

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Marking the Xth year of 431-88 with a special collection, ICONS is where we put the spotlight on our signature draped skirts. ICONS is replete with light ornamentation, where weightless silks and satins play with textures, embroidery and our signature ombre in a range of looks that come alive through vibrant colours. Each piece is delicately crafted with details that move with you and give equal importance to the fit and finish. The collection is an amalgamation of our bestselling silhouttes in the form of skirts, oversized shirts and sexy tops. Whether it's a dinner party, a city escape or your next destination trip, ICONS has you covered to go from day to night.

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Sari Edit

Welcome to our Sari Edit, where we present our exquisite collection of pre-draped saris that exude fluidity, lightweight fabric and smart draping. Our collection features a wide variety of styles that are sure to make you stand out, while remaining comfortable and wearable. We believe in saris that don't drown you, but instead, elevate your natural beauty. Our pre-draped sari collection includes the Masai Godet sari and a sari paired with a honeycomb jacket. We have carefully curated our colour selection to offer a wide range of hues, from fuchsia to emerald, to classic white. Our Sari Edit is perfect for anyone seeking a modern take on traditional fashion, making it the ideal choice for weddings, parties, or cocktail dinners. Discover the perfect sari for you!

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I am what I am because of who we all are. The humanity that we witnessed during the second Covid wave in India, gave birth to the idea behind this collection and led us to discover Ubuntu: an African philosophy that celebrates the idea of oneness. We saw in real time how strangers reached out to each other and every small act of kindness was appreciated. The idea that no man is an island showed how our interdependency on each other forms us as a community. A community, where contrasting identities came together and merged seamlessly. This blurring of boundaries was reimagined as dip dyed colours and ombré became a running colour scheme.

We juxtaposed contrasting elements in a single garment and balanced heavy weight crystals on delicate jerseys. Knots were used to depict a focal point of ideas and people coming together. Sober shades of silks and satins were highlighted with surprise colour pops of lining. And we layered garments on top of one another to create new silhouettes. Ubuntu is the 17th collection from 431-88 and is available worldwide online and in select stores across the country.

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