What is’s shipping policy?

  • promises to provide you with a best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way. We assure you that all due precautions are taken so that your package reaches you intact.

  • Some products in our catalogue are heavy or bulky and shipped through our surface logistics partner. These orders may usually take more time and their delivery may not be possible at a few locations.

Delivery would generally take upto 10 business days.

Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to bad weather, flight delays, political disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances. We will keep you updated on any delays and expected time of delivery.

Can I expect delivery on all days of the week?

  • You can expect delivery of your order on business days. Business days are defined as all working days from Monday to Saturday, excluding national and state holidays.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we do ship internationally but with an additional cost. 


How do I track my Order?

  • An email is sent to you that contains the tracking number and name of the logistics provider after the Order is shipped. Visit the website of the logistics provider and enter the tracking number for your shipment details. Please find the list below:

BSA Citi Courier

I used my tracking number to check the details of my shipment but the information is not clear to me.

  • Courier companies use certain standard abbreviations and terminologies. Some of the most commonly used terms are explained below. If it didn't answer your question please call us at +91-129-4318808 or +91 8512843188 or email us on

In transit

Your order is on its way to your city

Out for delivery

Your order has reached your city and we will attempt to deliver it today

Hold at hub

We tried delivering your order at least once and we will try again in 48 hours

RTO in transit

Your order was undelivered and is on its way back to our warehouse.

I should have received my order by now but I haven't. What do I do?

  • If you have the tracking information (reference number and name of the Courier partner) please visit the courier partner's site and check for your Order. You can call the courier partner with your reference number for clarification. If you are not happy with the information, do give us a call on +91-129-4041667 or +91 8512843188 or email us on with the order number and we will be happy to help you.